BLK LBL Bipod | How high-end thinking creates high-end performance
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How high-end thinking creates high-end performance

Made entirely in North America, the revolutionary BLK LBL bipod is unlike anything else on the market today–from its integrated barrel-through design to its dynamic, unprecedented versatility.

It’s no surprise then, that we needed to implement an exacting manufacturing process to make each one as light and efficient as possible. Here’s a quick layman’s guide to the process that makes this innovative new bipod design a reality.

We start with the versatile, swiveling heart of the bipod, our patented ball joint, which gives it the dramatic range of motion no other bipod can match. Crafted from extra-strong aluminum (7075 T6 aluminum to be exact), the ball is turned on a lathe, then precision-milled and anodized to create a smooth pivot that can be twisted, rotated, turned and adjusted in almost any way you want when aiming. The accompanying revolver mechanism allows you to adjust the tension on the ball from almost frictionless to near lock-out.

The legs are assembled from an aluminum outer sleeve and carbon fiber inner extension that locks in place with the press of a button. The legs are also held flush with the handguard by super-strong neodymium magnets when stowed.

Next, the durable, anodized aluminum main body frame, picatinny rail and the steel barrel nut assembly are precision-milled to the same exacting tolerances. Since each element is checked and measured during the entire manufacturing process, the assembly process is quick and precise, with each piece fastening together securely, creating a rigid and strong handguard that acts as an integrated part of your rifle.

Our finishing and quality control process fastens the rubber feet to the leg ends, checks to ensure that each element is securely fastened and locked together, and that each BLK LBL bipod is ready to be shipped.

It takes high-end materials and thinking to create this kind of high-end performance and accuracy, but just reading about it won’t be enough; you’ve got to try a BLK LBL bipod for yourself.

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